Car Park Management

Car Park Management 2018-07-26T12:44:11+00:00

University of Macau Parking Management Rules has been taken effective.

There are seven underground car parks on campus with the capacity to accommodate around 2,300 light vehicles and 900 motorcycles.

Two types of car parks are:

  • Visitor Car Park: Open to the public, including visitors, students and staff.
  • Staff Car Park: Open to staff and staff residents.

Car Parks on Campus:

Car Park Users Location (Basement) Entrance and exit Facility
Visitor Car Park P1 Visitors, students & staff N8 UM Sports Complex Victory Avenue
Staff Car Park P2 Staff  N6 Administration Building  Victory Avenue
Visitor Car Park P3 Visitors, students & staff  N1 UM Guest House & N2 University Hall  Luminous Virtue Avenue and Victory Avenue  With EV Electric vehicle charging station
Staff Car Park P4 Staff  E21 Humanities & Social Sciences Building  & E22 Faculty of Business Administration  Faculty 3rd Lane and Faculty 4th Lane
Visitor Car Park P5 Visitors, students & staff  E2 UM Wu Yee Sun Library & E3-E7 Central Teaching Buildings  Learning Street and University Avenue  With EV Electric vehicle charging station
Visitor Car Park P6 Visitors, students & staff  S1-S2 Postgraduate Houses & S8 University Mall  Scholar Street
Resident Car Park P7 Residents  S21-S35 Staff Quarters  Daisy Avenue and Perfect Goodness Avenue