To cope with the environmental-friendly policy on reducing carbon emission, the University has installed a total of six electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Visitor Car Parks P3, P5 and P6 and Staff Car Park P4 for supporting the use of electric cars on campus. They are opened for all car park users free of charge. One vehicle should not occupy the EV charger for more than 3 consecutive hours per time. Here are the exact locations and specifications of the EV chargers:

Car Parks
Parking Space No.
Location of the EV chargers
Visitor Car park P3 183 & 184 Basement of N1, near the vehicle entrance/exit

Visitor Car Park P5 B334 & B335 Basement of E7, near lift to E7 and vehicle entrance/exit of P5B 

Visitor Car Park P6 122 Basement of S8, near Shroff and lift to S8

Staff Car Park P4 145 Basement of E22, near lift to E22

Output specification and device for P3, P4, P5 and P6 electric vehicle charging stations:
Socket/Plug mode: IEC62196-2 Type 2
Maximum output current: 32A
Voltage: 3 phase 400Vac
Maximum output power: 22kW

For drivers who would like to use the above charging stations, please approach the Shroff or call the 24-hour Security Hotline+8822 4126 for assistance. 

Please contact Security and Transport Section (STS) through email: , or call us at +853 8822 8651 for information.