Scope: To enter the private roads on campus on regular basis within a specific period of time.

  • Outlets/Caterers (For goods delivery only);
  • Service provider to UM;
  • Special request for official duties;
  • Justified health reason with certificate.


  • All application should be endorsed by UM responsible units, like goods and/or service acquisition units, administrative units, faculty offices and student living units;
  • Then UM responsible units should send their request with the following information to at least three working days prior to the entry date.
    – Name of the company/organization/student
    – UM responsible units
    – Contact person and contact number
    – Car plate number
    – Entry date and time
    – Target destination and route
    – Justification(s)
  • All successful applicants for goods/luggage delivery purpose should stop their vehicles at the designated location for loading up/down the goods/luggage and their vehicles are not allowed to park on campus.
  • The entry permit should be placed on the windshield all the time on campus.

Colleagues of STS will contact via e-mail for relevant process. The entry permit will be given out through responsible units.

Please contact Security and Transport Section (STS) through email: , or call us at +853 8822 4126 for information.