Student with valid UM student card and driving license can apply for student parking monthly pass;

Student can submit applications through the “UM Monthly Parking Pass Application System” ( which is now available for trial use from 20 January 2022. Students can simply sign in the system with UMPASS.

*According to the newly published《The University of Macau Parking Management Rules》, the vehicle registered shall be owned by the monthly pass holder, or by his/her spouse or first degree relatives by consanguinity or by affinity, who shall authorize the pass holder to use the vehicle.

The following documents must be submitted through the system:

  • Copy of valid driving licence;
  • Copy of vehicle registration;
  • Copy of property registration (for light vehicle only) ;
  • If the vehicle is owned by the spouse or first degree relatives (i.e. parents or children) of the monthly pass, the applicant should submit the “Declaration – Vehicle for Personal Use”(The form can be downloaded from the system) and the proofs of the relationship with the vehicle owner.

Proofs of the relationship with the vehicle owner: please submit copy of the valid documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate or certificate of kinship, etc.

Application is placed on waiting list in sequence of submission and monthly pass is issued accordingly.

Applicant will be informed to collect the monthly pass and to make payment in person. Monthly pass is charged in accordance to 《UM Parking Management Rules》. All paid/ pre-paid parking fee and administrative fee is non-refundable.


For the details about monthly pass renewal, please refer to the below e-Bulletin:

Location for monthly pass renewal:

  1. Room 3019, 3/F, Administration Building (N6), UM (Security and Transport Section);
  2. Room G003c, G/F, Central Teaching Building (E7), UM (Security Centre);
  3. UM Campus Kiosk, which is applicable to:

Office hours of STS office and Security Centre for handling monthly pass renewal:

  • Mondays to Thursdays: 09:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 17:45
  • Fridays: 09:00 -13:00 and 14:00 – 17:30


When student is graduated or withdraws, the monthly pass should be returned to STS office or Security Centre one month prior to the valid date of the UM student card.

When student need not use the monthly pass, please submit the termination application via the UM Monthly Parking Pass Application System by selecting the tab “Termination” and return the monthly pass to the office of the Security and Transport Section (Room N6-3019) or the Security Centre at E7.

Please contact Security and Transport Section (STS) through email: , or call us at +853 8822 8651 for information.