In general, operating the unmanned aircraft (UAV) on campus must get the approval from the Campus Management and Development Office (CMDO) through submitting application to Security and Transport Section. The below information should be provided for further process:

  • Written permission from the relevant government authorities, e.g. Macau Civil Aviation Authority (if applicable);
  • The expected flight date and time;
  • The purpose of flying the UAV;
  • Detailed flight plan: such as the departure and landing venue, flight path, height of flight operation;
  • Model of UAV;
  • The name and mobile number of the operator or unit.


  • Without the permission from government authorities and Campus Management and Development Office, it’s not allowed to use any UAV on campus;
  • Please observe the relevant Macao’s legislation posted by Macau Civil Aviation Authority:
  • Please contact Security and Transport Section (STS) through email: , or call us at +853 8822 4126 for application.