All cyclists, roller-skaters or automatic sliding devices users are reminded to obey the “Lei do Transito Rodoviario” of Macao SAR, “Rules of Bicycle Riding and Parking” and the below items when traveling on campus.

  • Safety Goes First
  1. Safety of pedestrians should be in the first priority;
  2. Protective equipment is important to cyclists. It is strongly recommended to wear helmet when riding bicycle;
  3. In crowded or narrow places, it is safer to dismount and walk alongside your bicycle;
  4. Always use bicycle lanes when available, always ride on the left of the bicycle lanes and allow other cyclists to pass you on the right. Ride only in the direction indicated by traffic signs and road markings;
  5. Obey “No Bicycle” signs;
  6. Observe traffic signs and road directions;
  7. Bicycles are not allowed inside any building;
  8. Keep the front and rear lights on when cycling in night time;
  9. According to the “Lei do Transito Rodoviario” of Macao SAR, under no circumstances should a cyclist carry another passenger;
  10. Bells are not recommended to use on campus;
  11. Entering tunnel with bicycle and cycling in pedestrian subway and on pavements are prohibited, offenders will be prosecuted.
  • Bicycle Parking
  1. Do not block pathways or cause inconvenience to pedestrians;
  2. Lock your bicycle and take all your personal property with you before leaving;
  3. Please park your bicycles in designated bicycle parking area

For more information, please refer to the Rules of Bicycle Riding and Parking.